What Are The 5 Best Waist Cinchers In 2019?

A waist cincher is a quick and easy way to shape up your midsection. With a well designed one, you’ll notice it’s effects the moment you put it on.


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Camellia’s Heavy Duty Waist Trainer


But don’t be fooled! A waist cincher will not directly help you lose body fat. No seriously though. This is a big issue and there’s a lot of confusion on what a waist cincher does. If any site tells you that a waist cincher directly burns body fat, keep an eye on your wallet!


With that said, a waist cincher is a great tool to supplement a healthy diet and fitness program. Indeed, users increased confidence and motivation when wearing one.

If you’re currently on a fitness program and need a boost in motivation, a waist cincher may be something to consider.


Here’s our top 5 best waist cinchers in no particular order:



What Does A Waist Cincher Do?

A waist cincher is a piece of garment worn around the midsection that makes your waist look smaller. It’s made of compressing material like spandex and latex. It’s held together by metal or plastic rods that attach to hooks and eyes.


When used properly, a waist cincher can give the appearance of an “hour-glass” figure. It’s a great way to quickly and cheaply do that.


If you have a special event coming up or someone special you want to impress, it can help you look your best. It accentuates your curves, especially under form fitting clothes. The confidence boost from this is reason enough to get one.

When looking for a waist cincher, be sure to examine the product and look at reviews to see if the waist cincher is bulky or not. Some designs are a bit thick and can easily be seen through clothes.


What are the Benefits Of Using A Waist Cincher?

  • Reduces back pain
  • Supports correct posture
  • Weight loss


Reduces Back Pain

The compressing material of a waist cincher gives your body extra lumbar support. For those with lower back issues, this helps alleviate pain.

This is useful for those with labor intensive occupations- nurses, postal workers, and other careers with lots of standing.


Supports Correct Posture

The sturdy material helps you stand up straighter. You become more aware of your posture when wearing one. This may help correct posture for some.


Weight Loss

There is no scientific evidence to prove that a waist cincher burns body fat. The myth that you can lose fat in an area of the body isn’t true. This is called spot reduction. Don’t fall for this myth! You can’t lose fat in one area.

However, a waist cincher can help you lose weight.


Can You Lose Weight With A Waist Cincher?

While a waist cincher won’t help you burn fat, it will help you lose weight. It does this in two ways.


Waist Cinchers Promote Sweating

A waist cincher is made of compressing material like latex, spandex, and rubber. This material traps heat around the abdomen. The rise in temperature will trigger your body to perspire. Your body wants to regulate its temperature and does so by releasing sweat. Thus, a waist cincher helps you lose weight in the form of water weight.


In some ways, a waist cincher is like a sauna suit. Athletes who need to cut weight for an event wear them. In boxing, athletes get classified by how much they weigh. To stay within these classes, boxers use sauna suits to quickly drop weight.


Remember that waist cinchers don’t have fat burning capabilities. So the weight drop you see on the scale is only water.


Waist Cinchers Suppress Your Appetite

A waist cincher compresses your digestive organs, causing you to eat less. Users reported that when they had their waist cincher on during meals, they ate less. The stomach and other digestive organs compress. They can’t hold as much food. So wearing a waist cincher helps you lose weight by making you eat less.


How Do You Wear A Waist Cincher?

Some consumers had a lot of trouble putting their waist cincher on because it was too tight. But don’t let that stop you. You want your waist cincher to be a little snug!


Indeed, putting this thing on will be the hardest part of owning one. You’ll have to try out different ways to put it on.


Try attaching the first and last hook on. Then slowly hook each one down the middle.


Check this video out to see how others do it:

For the first few days or so, you’ll have to ease into wearing it.

Wear it for a few hours, then take it off. Repeat this process for a few days.

It will be very uncomfortable at first, but once it starts to stretch, it’ll feel better. After a week or so, the waist cincher should stretch out enough to wear in comfort.

A major complaint we saw with waist cinchers had to do with sizing. When finding your size, first read reviews of others who bought the product to get a sense of how true to size the fit is.

The measurement chart for most companies was not accurate for some buyers.

One measuring chart recommended a large and it was too big. Another recommended a small and it was too big. The charts were all over the place!

In general, when you’re a size in between or not sure, order a size smaller. Most waist cinchers we reviewed were made of a cotton and latex hybrid. This material will stretch over time.

So if it’s too small, be patient. In time it will shape to your body.


The 5 Best Waist Cinchers


Squeem ‘Perfect Waist’ Contouring Cincher

This is a high quality waist cincher made by a company that’s been around since 1936.Squeem is Brazilian based company in the beauty and fashion industry. You can wear this cincher for 8-10 hours. So there’s no need to worry about taking it on and off.

It also has a braless design, so it’s great to use underneath a backless dress.


  • Offers relief to sore abdominal wall
  • Promotes weight loss through high compression and perspiration
  • Cotton line absorbs sweat
  • High compression material slips discreetly under clothing
  • Flexible steel bones provide back support and improves posture


  • May bunch up when sitting
  • Price


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FOUMECH Waist Cincher

The FOUMECH waist cincher is for anyone new to waist cinchers and wants to try one out at a value price.Instead of the hook and eye format, this waist cincher uses double adjustment velcro. This makes it easier to adjust the garment when you start to lose weight.

With a hook and eye format, you’d have to buy a completely new one when you drop sizes. In contrast, the velcro allows precise adjustment to the change in shape of your body.


  • Made of latex free neoprene for those with sensitive skin
  • Designed for use in the gym for extra sweating around the abdomen
  • Provides extra lumbar support for those with lower back issues
  • Easier to use than the hook and eye format
  • Price
  • Comes in 7 different colors


  • On certain body types, velcro straps might look bulky under clothes
  • Elastic bands can ride up when sitting or moving too much
  • For some body types, may be too short and not cover the entire upper and lower stomach


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SHAPERX Sports Latex Waist Cincher 

This waist cincher is made of 2 layers to give the user a good mix of comfort and compression.The inner layer is 96% cotton and 4% spandex. The mid layer is 100% natural latex and effectively compresses the midsection. What’s more is its sleek design makes it go unnoticed under clothes.


  • 3 columns of hook and eye so you can adjust the size to make it slightly bigger or smaller
  • Anti-sweat material keeps you dry and odor free
  • More flexible compared to other brands we reviewed
  • Compression material relieves lower back pain
  • Made of high quality, heavy duty material that will last longer


  • May get uncomfortable after long periods of use
  • May leave marks if not worn correctly
  • Can be very uncomfortable for first time users


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Ann Chery Women’s Faja Deportiva Waist Cincher 

Like the SHAPERX waist cincher, the Ann Chery has two layers, with the inner layer made of cotton.The cincher has built-in boning that will reduce waist size when worn. Its strong hold will also help enforce good posture.


  • Helps improve posture
  • Many colors to choose from
  • 2 columns of hook and eye for easy adjusting
  • Ok to handwash


  • The back side may roll on the top and bottom
  • Some reviewers reported a latex smell that went away with use


> > Check Price On Amazon < <



Camilia’s Heavy Duty Waist Trainer

Built with steel boned inserts, Camellia’s waist cincher is a durable and reliable choice.Their waist cincher is so stylish that it may be worn on top of your clothes as a fashion accessory. It’s so fashionable that you can wear it for some fun cosplay.

The Camellia waist cincher can be worn all day for different occasions. Wear it to the gym, at work, and during a night out with the girls.


  • Made of neoprene; no latex avoids risk of skin irritation
  • Designed with 26 steel boned inserts keeps your waist cincher secure all day
  • Stylish
  • Built with 4 layers of fabric.


  • Only comes in different designs of black and white


> > Check Price On Amazon < <




Based on our research, Camellia’s Heavy Duty Waist Cincher is the best choice.

The material is durable and well designed. It’s stylish look will make you want to wear it and gives a definite confidence boost.

Unlike the FOUMECH Waist Cincher, it uses steel bone inserts instead of velcro. This makes it more sturdy and reliable. Velcro has the potential to lose adhesion over time.

Camellia’s waist cincher only comes in black or white. But they offer different patterns and prints. Because the waist cincher is designed to be worn under garments, choice of color wasn’t a big concern.

Squeem ‘Perfect Waist’ Contouring Cincher was another contender for top pick. But it’s price was a dealbreaker. It’s material and performance was not enough to justify the price point.

If you’re in the market for a waist cincher, consider Camellia’s Heavy Duty Waist Cincher.

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