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When I lost 70 lbs. it changed my life.

My confidence shot up.

My clothes looked amazing.

For the first time, I loved who I saw in the mirror.

Which is why I started this website. I want to help people reach their fitness goals, without changing who they are. 


Easy-to-read. Practical. Actionable. 


I write every article as if I was explaining it to a client of mine in a way they can understand quickly. Without getting lost in all the facts and evidence. It’s all about helping you take immediate action on what you set out to accomplish.  

Anyone who’s ever lost weight can testify…it’s not easy. Friends and family eat whatever they want around you, making you feel pressured and out of place. Two days into a a new diet, and your stomach growls during an important meeting. You’ve tried it all…keto, intermittent fasting, paleo. If you’re like me, maybe you’ve even resorted to starving yourself.


The fact is, you’ve probably tried and failed to lose weight at LEAST 3-4 times.


Well this website aims to stop all that. Its goal is to help you get to your fitness goals as fast as possible. And how do you do that? By avoiding mistakes. Mistakes come in the form of following wrong advice, eating the wrong foods at the wrong time, and not working out at the right time. Mistakes like not preparing in advance for dinners and birthday parties. The enemy is everywhere, and we must be prepared to meet them at every turn. 

I hope you enjoy this website and if you get even ONE solid piece of advice that gets you closer to where you want to be, then I’d call that a win. 

Nikko Quinto

Founder and Chief Editor